What an experience it was. It blew our expectations!!

My friends and I booked this wine tour from Sitges and what an experience it was. It blew our expectations!! We learnt the history of the land, the importance of the wine region along with the different types of wine in the area and how the geography affects the flavour and characteristics of the wine. We visited some breathtaking sites for photos and visit a magical winery that made just drop our jaws. They showed us the winery along with how they produced the wine which provided us with a personal touch when we had the wine tasting. We had excellent quality snacks that paired wonderfully with the wine. It was a stunning day and I highly recommend this tour to anyone that is staying in Sitges or Barcelona. It was a highlight of our time in Sitges and I know will be a highlight with anyone that decides to take this worthwhile experience.

Ocean - Wine Lover, Viet Nam