Good experience. Very informative and tasting was great

Good experience. Xavier is very kind and attentive, easy to communicate with. The experience was very informative and the tasting was great.

Carolina - Wine Lover, Brazil

Great wine experience!

Great wine experience! Amazing day with the best guide, great winery and lovely local people.

Paula - Wine Lover, Brazil

An exceptional experience

I need to say that I had some expectations about this experience, but nothing could be compared to living it !! Xavi is very professional, timely, friendly and intelligent !! He knows a lot of culture, history, architecture and, of course, wine ... All these qualities have promoted an exceptional experience that I will recommend to all my friends who plan to visit Sitges. I will be back soon and knowing of the versatility of Xavi, without doubt I will do another (and totally different) tour !! Thank you Xavi !! You are really incredible!! All the best for you and your new groups!

Etienne - Wine Lover, Brazil

Difficult to put in words... Amazing experience!

I always have high expectations with tours and especially when we talk about wine tourism. But Xavi exceeded all my expectations! Lots of history, culture, beautiful places !! Do you know when you can enjoy 100% of a tour that was designed for you?

Well, Xavi took care of every detail and I highly recommend his services! Very professional and passionate, thanks Xavi! And I am sure that when I return to Barcelona or Sitges, I will want another tour !!

Etienne - Wine Lover, Brazil