The spectacular Priorat; a unique, breathtaking wine landscape

Half-day Wine Tour (5 hours aprox.)

Recommended Season: all year round.

For Wine Lovers and Wine Professionals.

Experience Priorat visiting a Premium winery to discover the unique identity of this wine area which is well known as per its prestigious red wines and incredible landscape.
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Margarita and Kirill asked for a wine tour through the Priorat wine region departing from Tarragona. They wanted to discover why Priorat land has become one of the most rewarded wine region in the world in terms of reds. Incredibly, it reached the summit in just two decades.

Knowing the requirements, we designed a program with a clear priority: learn at the time you savor Priorat red wines!

TopWineExperience Bespoke Winery visit in Priorat

There is no doubt that if you want to reach that goal, terraced vineyards need to be stepped on.

Facing this aim, we scheduled the first stop at a Premium winery for a special visit. In the first place, we walked through some secret vineyards to understand the difficulty to grow vines in this corner, but to reach the top of the vineyards Sara drove us with a 4x4 vehicle.

Believe me, not easy at all to “climb” this terroir by foot, you need some kind of help ;-)

At this point we tasted the wine just launched on the market while being educated about the main feature of this terroir, the Llicorella, slate stones that shape this land and feed the vines. Unquestionably, the rough landscape defines the way of life here and the personality of the vine.

TopWineExperience 4x4 vineyards visit in Priorat

At the time we got back to the cellar, Margarita and Kirill were already amazed by the incredible landscape, but it was time to test the results of the vineyards. Is there any better place for a wine tasting than a barrel room? Surrounded of barrels we tasted the wide range of wines  of this Premium winery.

TopWineExperience - Premium barrel wine tasting in Priorat

Next stop few kilometers away, the little village of Porrera. The drive from one point to the other in Priorat is a real entertainment. Many of the rural roads are no more than bridle paths and so narrow that they offer stunning views of the valleys and vineyards below.

Once in Porrera, it was time for history and traditions, we learnt it from the hand of Enric, a passionate local hunter that can tell you every single tale and war stories of this area. We visited his centenary house (origins from the XII century) with plenty of collector's pieces, which has turned to be a wine history museum.

At the top floor gallery of the old house, we were offered a wine tasting of the most representative wines from this small town. Porrera, with no more than 400 citizens, hosts around 20 cellars. As you can imagine the lack of wine is not an issue!

TopWineExperience - Premium wine tating in Priorat and Gourmet Appetizers

The last wine tasting was paired with a nice selection of local organic appetizers.

On the way back to Tarragona, Margarita and Kirill tried to explain in a few words what they have experienced in the Priorat, they couldn’t describe it, it’s a wine region that has to be stepped on!

Summary of the experience:

  • Premium winery visit
  • Premium Priorat wine tasting
  • Historical house tickets
  • Wine tasting on the terrace
  • Gourmet local appetizers
  • Specialized local guide

Priorat has made its way in the wine world fairly recently, after a rural exodus, the land has literally been rediscovered, and now its landscape is facing the candidacy of the World Heritage Site for the UNESCO. Margarita and Kirill already know why, do you want to be the next one? Design your Priorat experience!

TopWineExperience Tailor-made winery tour in Priorat

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Hope to see you very soon Margarita and Kirill !

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