Barcelona Slow & Cheerful Wine Tourism

Our motto encourages us to promote environmental and cultural protection, as well as economic prosperity for the region. At the same time, it is a fantastic way to experience and savor organic local wines.

Slow Tourism offers the opportunity to connect with the place and its people, to become part of local life, engage with the culture and enjoy an educational wine tour for your own personal development.

Cheerful Tourism refers to being able to experience more deeply and authentically, and being immersed in the wine region's identity through meeting local residents. Our richness is our community. You will be hosted and attended by knowledgeable wine guides who will connect you with the local reality.

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Commitment to sustainability

We promote a sustainable tourism model which values ​​the destination, consumes local products and respects the environment, guaranteeing its social, economic and cultural sustainability. We belive in a lifestyle of sustainable development based on the resources we have as we preserve diversity, authenticity and close relationships.

Ours is a model that aims to guarantee the quality of life of the inhabitants and as well as the preservation of our environment. It is based on the balance between the necessary use of the territory and the safeguarding of its original character. Moreover, we support the long-term development of the destination by consuming local goods and services.

The sustainable ideals around which we organize our experiences are based on the following 9 principles:

Protect the Ecosystems

Create experiences that guarantee the management and the intelligent and efficient use of water and energy resources. Organize activities that also respect the natural habitat of the fauna and the flora, avoiding the destruction of the environment and maintaining biodiversity.

Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage

Historical heritage is part of the environment that we must protect. We support the sustainability of our heritage by participating in a project of conservation, protection and regeneration of what is called Dry Stone Constructions, which were designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2018.

Certified Organic Wineries

Ensure that the wineries with which we work practice and promote organic or biodynamic agriculture in their vineyards, and that they also protect the environment and preserve the life of both the soil and the vines.

Small Groups 

Small-sized groups allow for a more positive impact on the regions visited. At the same time as they support the local economy, they also contribute to the conservation of the tourist attractions for their preservation, protection and sustainable promotion.

Connecting Visitors with Local People

Ensure a harmonious interaction between visitors and residents for a greater understanding of social and environmental issues. We are proud of sharing our love of the land where we were born and raised. We truly believe in human relations as the focal point.

Strict Policies of Recycling

Adopt a responsible behavior, reducing the creation of waste, consuming responsibly and participating in the sustainable management of resources to generate less impact on the environment. Any plastic, glass and paper waste that is produced gets fully recycled.

Slow Food Products

Promote slow food and farm to table products; food offered in our experiences is local and uses seasonal ingredients. We look after our customers by offering one of the healthiest diets on the planet: pairing Mediterranean foods and wines.

Share the Culture

Facilitate the meeting of locals and visitors to create opportunities for mutual learning about the cultural traditions of communities (customs, cuisine, traditions, heritage, languages, at al.). 

Tolerance and Diversity

Respect diversity, favor the elimination of barriers that limit the integration of people on the basis of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, economic situation or other conditions. We are proud to nurture a safe, open and tolerant approach to love and to people of all shapes and sizes.

Our Goals

Enjoy life working toward a respectful lifestyle


Money is important, but life is much more important. We aim to join both realities at the time as we offer enjoyment with our services. Because we love what we do!


Increase the happiness and help in the personal development of our customers

Create relevant and cheerful moments by connecting visitors with locals for a greater understanding of cultural, social and environmental issues.

Sustainable actions for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage

By signing up for our experiences, our clients participate in the preservation and the maintenance of biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Generate greater economic and cultural benefits for the local community

Offer responsible experiences and promote sustainable growth and development of the region by enhancing the well-being of host communities.

We Cooperate

Sustainable actions to preserve the historical and cultural heritage

Conservation program of the wine landscape by rebuilding the Dry Stone Huts

The main aim of our experiences is to offer quality service and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. However, TopWineExperience strongly believes that it is equally important to contribute to the territory visited and its communities.

This is the reason why we promote the sustainability of the local heritage by participating in a project of conservation, protection and regeneration of Dry Stone Constructions, which were inscribed in 2018 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO for its unique design and architecture.

By taking part in our experiences, our clients not only enjoy a leisure activity but also play an active role in the conservation and protection of the local heritage by collaborating with an economic contribution to the art of Dry Stone Construction -Barraques de Pedra Seca in Catalan-.

The art of Dry Stone is a building technique in perfect harmony with the environment in which structures are constructed from stones without any cement to hold them together and, above all, exemplifies a friendly relationship between man and nature.

Every single experience that we organize helps to finance this project by contributing 1€ for each visitor. Donations in their entirety go towards acquiring the necessary material and tools needed to continue restoring the Dry Stone Constructions.



These huge tasks are performed by a group of volunteers of a nonprofit association (Centre Excursionista del Penedès). These altruistic efforts allow for the conservation and protection of this heritage and, whenever it is necessary, the entire restoration of the Dry Stone Building. Their contributions help to preserve the historical visual essence of the wine regions on the Mediterranean, as these stone shelters shaped the landscape around 200 years ago. At that time, these stone houses were built next to the vineyards in order to provide some protection from the storms or torrid sun in the summers, for those who were responsible for growing the vines and producing the grapes. 

The neglect of vineyards over the last few decades has given rise to the proliferation of vegetation and forest growth, leading to the disappearance of much of this legacy. Their loss means the loss of a piece of our history and, above all, it negatively affects our traditional landscape and environment.

Nevertheless, the devotion of these volunteers to rebuilding them has made possible the restoration of 12 Dry Stone Constructions. TopWineExperience, along with its visitors, contribute financially to the expenses arising from these tasks.

In order to receive more information about these activities or if you are interested in making a donation, you can contact us and you are welcome to learn more about the project and even participate in one of the rebuilding projects with the team.

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