Hiking through a Mediterranean landscape to taste the wine culture

Half-day hiking activity and wine tasting (4-hours: 2 hours walking + 2 hours cellar visit and sampling).

Recommended season: Spring, Winter and Autumn. 

For those who love wine and hiking.

Hiking activity in the Penedes wine region to step on organic vineyards and learn about Mediterranean wine culture and heritage. Cellar visit and wine tasting in a renowned winery.
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We organized a nice walking activity through a winery vineyard estate in order to step on a Mediterranean landscape. The local cultures have been shaping this wine countryside for thousands of years. We have evidence of the wine trade in this area even before the Roman civilization.

TopWineExperience - Hiking and Wine activity in Penedes, Barcelona

Walking by the vineyards is the right way to understand why many civilizations chose this place to live in. The richness of these soils, the weather and especially the fruits that can be cultivated here: wheat, many kinds of fruits and vegetables, olives and grapes. No doubt it is an ideal area to produce wines and the best approach to understand why is to walk through its vineyards.

The first stop on our excursion was in front of a little mystic chapel in the middle of the vineyards. It was built in the Middle Age and owned by the family winery estate it can be visited under request.

The image with the sun shining through the bell tower shows the real beauty of this centenary architecture.

One of the aims of this excursion was to discover the art of the dry stone constructions, in Catalan -Barraques the Pedra Seca-.

It is a building technique by which structures are constructed from stones without any cement and, above all, exemplifies a friendly relationship between man, nature and history.

TopWineExperience - Hiking and Wine activity in Penedes, Barcelona

These stone shelters shaped the landscape around 200 years ago. At that time, these stone houses were built next to the vineyards in order to provide some protection from the storms or torrid sun in the summers, for those who were responsible to grow the vines and produce grapes. 

TopWineExperience - Hiking, Wine and Heritage activity in Penedes, Barcelona

Unfortunately, many of them are lost nowadays due to the abandon of vineyards. Their loss means the negation of a testimony of our history and, above all, it negatively affects the landscape and the environment.

Nevertheless, TopWineExperience contributes with a conservation program of the wine landscape by rebuilding the dry stone huts, learn about our participation in this program here.


In the course of the walk, we stopped in front of many of these constructions in order to admire the wine heritage of this countryside.

One of the stoppage was scheduled at a unique point of view where it is possible to enjoy the Penedes valley, Montserrat mountain range and even the Mediterranean sea.

TopWineExperience - Hiking and Wine activity from Sitges, Barcelona

But not only vineyards and Barraques de Pedra Seca were admire during the day, we also walked next to wonderful olive trees. These trees are part of the history and landscape as they can live for many hundred years and even thousands!

TopWineExperience - Hiking and Wine activity in Penedes from Sitges, Barcelona

The excursion ends up in the cellar of the winery estate, where after visiting the facilities including barrel room, we reached the tasting room to sample the wide range of delicious wines they offer.

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